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  1. Investing
    I currently have just over $10,000 in a really really low interest TFSA and $30,000 in my chequings account that I would like to put somewhere so that it is at least gaining something.I'm currently about to remortgage my current home and am weighing the options of either saving for a second home...
  2. Frugality
    Hi everyone!! I was speaking about this topic this morning and from my point of view we have to be very careful with frugality in our lives as it can be either helpful and can be also harmful. It can be our friend or become our foe too. One simple example: My sister, she is in a comfort zone...
  3. Frugality
    Hi guys, First post on here and just wanted to share some insight on saving... In order to invest (in many cases) you must have money saved. One of the most gratifying little things I've done lately is empty my piggy bank. (Btw, I'm 28 years old and I still have a piggy bank! lol) Anyways...
  4. Money Diaries
    Hey everyone, In December 2012 I was given an opportunity to get a career in the health care field that is very lucrative. I didn't know what to expect when i took the offer, but after a year of working, i grossed 130k. This year I got a dollar raise so I'm sure reaching 130k again will be...
  5. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello Everyone, I've been browsing these forums for a while but have never posted. I find a lot of good advice and opinions on here - though sometimes contradictory, it is always nice to see both sides to every coin. I think I may be a unique case in terms of how frugal I have managed to be...
  6. Frugality
    I would like anybody's input on which is the best way to save money? Is it high interest saving account, dividend paying stocks, bonds, tax free savings account....ect
1-6 of 6 Results