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  1. Use of Money Advice

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Good Afternoon! I am hoping to get some feedback from the group on how I should best utilize a chunk of money. I currently have an accumulated balance of about $25k sitting in a bank account (which I know is not a productive use for it!). My question is what would you do? I have a loan at 4%...
  2. Don't like bank fees!

    I have a Cibc checking account and they charge 3.90$ for 10 transaction, if you keep 1000$ they waive the 3.90$ a month but if you make more then 10 transaction you still and up paying some fees, so i opened a Ing direct Thrive checking account with no fees ever and they actualy pay you 0.25% in...
  3. The best way to save.

    I would like anybody's input on which is the best way to save money? Is it high interest saving account, dividend paying stocks, bonds, tax free savings account....ect