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  1. Investing
    Hello, I have done the "couch potato" investment strategy with my RSPs for about a year now. There have been some modest gains, but with the recent stock market uptick I have seen some more significant returns. My unrealized gains have a healthy balance and I was wondering what to do with...
  2. Investing
    I've been procrastinating setting up auto-wash trades in my TD Waterhouse RSP account mostly because I don't actually do a lot of trades and my understanding was that dividends couldn't be auto-washed. So I didn't have a lot of motivation to make the phone call to set up auto-wash trades. With...
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I'm going to be starting an Executive MBA program in 2013 and I'm trying to determine the best way to finance my MBA. Here is my situation: Married with 2 kids Working full time earning $75K Wife is working full time earning $75K Have a business that is going to be idle starting next year...
  4. Investing
    I've seen some stuff that says there is a difference and other things says they are exactly the same. Is there any actual difference? Does the plan RSP have any tax advantages?
1-4 of 4 Results