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  1. Group rrsp - should I add to tax returns

    Hi I have group rrsp option from my employer I deferred my 2018 bonus to 2019 and part of my bonus (lets say X ) went to RRSP directly with out any tax cuts myCRA already has this X amount of contribution slip Now im trying to submit my taxes using simpletax/turbotax and I selected to import...
  2. RRSP vs. Non-registered account for frugal people

    I want to know, out of curiosity, is it true that, unless one plans to retire less than 20 years after entering the job market, it is always a bad idea to have an RRSP for tax purposes if you save the vast majority of after tax income? That is, it is bad even if your income is > $220, 000? Let...
  3. How to extract tax-credit related info on RRSP from the notice of assessment

    Hello Everyone, Could somebody kindly point out where in the notice of assessment I could see how much tax credit I received for my RRSP investment? In the assessment notice, I can see the total credit amount as a lump sum. How could I ensure that I put the RRSP tax return back into my RRSP...
  4. "last minute" RRSP cont. before 1st home purchase tax question

    First time poster here, just found this website and I am enjoying reading through the forums and discussions. I have a question that relates to "last minute" so to speak RRSP contributions before purchasing a home and utilizing the HBP. I am looking at buying my first home. Over the years...
  5. Best RRSPs to kickstart investment

    Hi there, I am a new immigrant in Canada and new to all the investment options available to me. I only started working on contract and wanted to invest in RRSP to kickstart my savings. Is there a suggestion for a Bank/financial institution which provides better rates for RRSPs? My employer...
  6. Locked in RRSP

    Deals and Freebies
    Hi I'm hoping someone has an idea about my situation. I worked for the public service for less than a year and was told I had to take all my commuted pension 15K + 6K. I am currently still not working and on EI. I assume this payout will affect that. I have CRA approval to T1213 to have 6K...
  7. RRSP's or not?

    Good morning everyone, my first post on this forum. I hope to be able to find an answer to my question. I am a Canadian Resident living in Canada since 2005, my annual income currently is around 180K. I pay myself a management fee from my own company abroad. My wife doesn't work so the income...
  8. Thrown into the deep end and trying to figure a way out

    Hi Everyone, I recently lost my father and am now trying to deal with my parents finances and plan going forward for my mother. Neither my mother or I have very much investing knowledge and have left a lot of it up to the financial advisor my father used but am now wary of his ability to put...
  9. Article Argues RRSPs Not Right for Business Owners

    Would be very interested to get the group's perspective on this article, which argues that RRSPs are not the right approach for people who own businesses. Does anyone have any experience with this dividends vs salary issue...