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  1. How to report at-source Group RRSP Contributions

    Hi all, I am in a group RRSP at work, I contribute on each paycheck, and my contribution taken PRE-TAX. I receive receipts for my contributions at the end of the year. I understand this reduces my taxable income at the source and therefore I pay less tax on a weekly basis However, do I need...
  2. Group rrsp - should I add to tax returns

    Hi I have group rrsp option from my employer I deferred my 2018 bonus to 2019 and part of my bonus (lets say X ) went to RRSP directly with out any tax cuts myCRA already has this X amount of contribution slip Now im trying to submit my taxes using simpletax/turbotax and I selected to import...
  3. How much RRSP can my wife buy - income for first time in 10 years, home based biz.

    This might be easier in point form :) This is my question: Can my wife buy $3774 worth of RRSP this year given her large amount of contribution room left over from when she was employed before we had kids? My wife started a business in 2017 and turned a profit for $3774 after filling out her...
  4. "last minute" RRSP cont. before 1st home purchase tax question

    First time poster here, just found this website and I am enjoying reading through the forums and discussions. I have a question that relates to "last minute" so to speak RRSP contributions before purchasing a home and utilizing the HBP. I am looking at buying my first home. Over the years...
  5. 1st time HBP tax question re: RRSPs

    Hello all, I'll preface this post by saying that I am not totally familiar with the income tax process as I have never filed my own taxes, or been all that involved in my personal finances in general for that matter. This is something that I am looking forward to doing in the future as I have...
  6. Pay off back taxes, or RRSP Contribution?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello all, Curious if anyone has some thoughts on the benefits of making biweekly payments into my RRSP vs paying off the large amount of back taxes I owe? $21k in back taxes owed, and $46k in RRSP contribution room. Thank you
  7. Does my employer have the right to not match an RRSP lump sum contribution?

    Hi, My employer does a 3.5% match off of base salary. Anyone doing it via a payroll deduction is having it matched automatically. I did a lump sum contribution and am going through a lot of hoops trying to get them to match the contribution. I'm wondering if they have the right to decline...
  8. Need help in understanding RRSP contribution limit calculation

    Hi all, I need some help figuring out my RRSP contribution limit for my 2016 tax return because I just filed my 2015 and haven't received the NOA. I want to ensure I max out my RRSP contribution for my 2016 return. Is the following correct? I have a NOA for 2014 tax year for RRSP...
  9. RSP Deposit Type - Interactive Brokers

    Hi, I have an Interactive Brokers RRSP account and I'm trying to make a deposit/contribution. On the deposit screen for the RRSP account. There is a row "RSP Deposit Type", I select "Contribution" from the drop down and then it asks for a year. 2016 or 2015. Does anyone know what this is...
  10. How to contribute to my wife's spousal RRSP?

    Quick question about spousal RRSPs . . . my wife is going to be creating a spousal RRSP account with me listed as the contributor. I've read a few posts on the forum about spousal RRSPs and have a good understanding of how they work, who should use them, and when it makes sense to use them...
  11. RRSP Calculation

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi all, I want to know about my rrsp contribution room for 2013. Here are my details. I came to canada on PR in July 2012. my income for 2012 is 28k ..I dint contribute anything to RRSP in 2012. my income for 2013 is around 106k. now i want to contribute to rrsp. what will be my rrsp...
  12. RRSP's or not?

    Good morning everyone, my first post on this forum. I hope to be able to find an answer to my question. I am a Canadian Resident living in Canada since 2005, my annual income currently is around 180K. I pay myself a management fee from my own company abroad. My wife doesn't work so the income...
  13. RRSP contribution limit question

    My contribution limit is $16000 and I want to contribute $15000 now. I also have a pension plan which will be around $1500 per year contribution from me and same from my company. Is pension contribution done this year considered part of the $16000? or will that only be considered for...
  14. Advice on where to setup RRSP and what to put inside it

    Hi! I'd like some advice. Here's the question: I'd like to open an RRSP account somewhere... maybe the royal bank? I'd like to consolidate my RRSP, RESP, TFSA, and banking in one place. We're spread out all over the place now and I want to make it easier. What do you all use for something like...