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  1. Newbie TFSA investor

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone! Im a little late to the investing game but my wife and I have started to save a very small amount every month in a TD TFSA account. We have a tonne of contribution room in both our TFSAs and RRSPs. We currently have just under $900 in the account and I haven't invested the...
  2. Where do file taxes on capital gains made in Canada? –> Swiss resident

    Hi everyone, I currently have some savings in my Swiss bank account that I`d like to invest with a robo-advisor (like wealthsimple). I figured that this would be a good investing option for now, because I: a.) will get a better return on my investment with wealthsimple than with my bank, and...
  3. WealthBar specializes in Retirement Income Planning. Get $10,000 managed FREE!

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    WealthBar is Canada's only robo-advisor specializing in retirement income planning. Low cost investing. Advice you can trust. Open an account and get: Access to higher quality investments previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. These higher return, lower volatility portfolios have...
  4. Robo Advisors in Canada

    Are you looking for the easiest possible way to get a diversified investment portfolio, an answer to your investing questions – at a price that keeps most of your money working for you? If you have read a lot about index investing and want to embrace a cost-conscious alternative to expensive...
  5. CPP: Sooner, or Later?

    One question that often comes up about CPP benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so I wanted to do a thorough analysis myself. Now, before I...
  6. Sponsored: Get a $75 bonus when you open a ModernAdvisor RRSP or TFSA

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    ModernAdvisor is a leading Canadian online investment advisor. We combine smart technology with expertise from investment professionals to build and manage globally diversified investment portfolios tailored to your needs. Our fully-managed ETF portfolios cost less than 1/3 of the average...