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  1. Mutual Fund Risk Statement Help

    Hello, I am fairly new to investing and would like to take a position in the Beutal Goodman Small Cap D fund (good rating on morningstar and high since inception return). While looking at the prospectus, this statement was listed under risk: "As at May 31, 2016, one investor owned units...
  2. Is there risk in not diversifying my diversification? (All eggs in one ETF basket)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Last month I started this thread and, believe it or not, was introduced to the concept of ETFs for the first time. And I'm comfortable at this point trying out a couch potato-esque strategy utilizing them. My question now: even though ETFs are, by their nature, diversified... is there risk in...
  3. Low Risk Tolerance

    I am someone who is quite risk adverse. I'd like to be able to get over that though to grow my money a little bit more. In the past, I've had GICs and high interest savings accounts and that was about it. I had certain reasons though, besides my aversion to risk, such as wanting my money...
  4. Is risk an uncertainity or a probabilty ?

    With crisis time in market and credit based risks, collapsing and propped up Banks,fluctuating market conditions, rising frauds and vanishing credit, plummeting GDP and employment, rising debt, and competative incremental pricing strateges, risk today is perhaps no longer an uncertainity but a...