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  1. Taxation
    I am an international student here studying the past 2 years. I got an advertisement through Wechat (app) that there are these accountants that can get a tax refund for $500-$1000 dollars when you don't have any income. Their set prices are $15 for international students with no income and...
  2. Taxation
    I did some contract work (one time deal) in March for about $2000 and my question is how to properly do my taxes on it. I know that do not qualify as an employee, so I looked at the T2125 form. Is it the right form? If it is, I don't have an Account Number. Do I leave it blank? What would be...
  3. Investing
    Hello, I have searched, but am trying to figure out how to calculate the total return of a stock, after the purchase of options to reduce downside risk. I am wondering for both circumstances, either allowing the options to expire, or sell them closer to the expiration date. It may be simpler...
1-3 of 3 Results