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  1. Asset Location vis-a-vis Annuities

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Assume a 70 year-old at the cusp of retirement with a 1m portfolio, half of which is in an RRSP (soon to graduate into an RRIF) and half in non-registered accounts with no taxes due. The old sport would like to annuitize half of his portfolio using a single premium immediate annuity with a 10...
  2. Help Me Help My Mom - The Story

    So I've joined this forum with the primary purpose of obtaining advice on what has become my enjoyable but complex responsibility of managing my mom's wealth. I hope that this will be an enjoyable exercise that may be of great benefit to my mom who deserves the best as she has and continues to...
  3. Question about withdrawing from an RRSP or doing a transfer in kind

    Hi all, I've got a RRSP question that I'm not sure how it works. So here is an example... I have a few dividend stocks in an RRSP account. Let's say I turn 65 and need to withdraw these. I don't want to sell them. Can I do a transfer in kind to a non-registered account and pay the government out...
  4. Need Ideas for 700K senior citizen investment

    Hello I have a bit of an issue and need to know how to investment my grandmother's money. The amount is 700,000 1. Max out her TFSA and invest in GICs 2. Make and "Lock In" funeral arrangements. What I'd like to know is what other types of accounts I could open for her while she's still alive...
  5. TFSA conundrum

    Hi Folks, Newcomer to the Forum (and loving what I am seeing so far). I am 50, looking to retire in 5 years. Wife is 48 and looking to retire in 10 years. Combined income of 325k (25/75) I have been debating on whether or not to put the following into action: • Deplete TFSAs (combined...
  6. Advice needed, thanks in advance.

    I'm 51 years old, senior executive of a global company. and my DW is 44 and work as part-time dental hygienist . We have two kids, 18 and 11. We are all Canadian citizens living in Florida. for various reasons especially my stressful job, we are think seriously going back somewhere in Ontario...
  7. WealthBar specializes in Retirement Income Planning. Get $10,000 managed FREE!

    Vendor Deals
    WealthBar is Canada's only robo-advisor specializing in retirement income planning. Low cost investing. Advice you can trust. Open an account and get: Access to higher quality investments previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. These higher return, lower volatility portfolios have...
  8. CPP: Sooner, or Later?

    One question that often comes up about CPP benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so I wanted to do a thorough analysis myself. Now, before I...
  9. Seeking Financial Planning Advice

    General Personal Finance Talk
    New to the forum, just looking for some financial planning advice. I'm pretty financially illiterate and am reaching out here in hopes of some guidance! I am a 23 student working two jobs and on OSAP. I have some goals I'd like to achieve, but am at a loss as to how to see them to fruition. I...
  10. Most Tax Efficient way to withdraw during retirement

    I have just retired and have investments in RRSP/RRIF, TFSA and Non-registered accounts. What would be the most efficient way to withdraw funds during retirement? Thanks.
  11. What to do when inheriting a large sum of money (C$2M+)

    I am aware that Rule #1 of a large inheritance is do NOTHING right away to avoid stupid decisions etc.. Obviously sitting down with a financial planner is also of the utmost importance, especially due to our unsophisticated investment knowledge, but I wanted to start getting a feel for things...
  12. My complicated situatin, need advise

    I'm 58, married, 11 yeras old autistic son, 23 y.o. daughter. I am employed with almost an empty ( 5K) RRSP. I have unused contribution of about 50K. My wife, 50 years old, software developer has RRSP of about 100K and unused contribution of about 80K. No TFSA. We have a house of about 800K with...
  13. Top Retirement Stocks to watch in 2017

    Intel Corporation Omega Healthcare Investors Inc Procter & Gamble Co Procter & Gamble Co These are stocks I will focus on in my retirement portfolio. Any inputs anyone?
  14. Best Retirement Investment vehicle for people filing Can/US taxes

    What are the most tax efficient retirement investment methods for people filing taxes in both Canada and the USA? This is new to me, but my wife is a US citizen and I'm looking at becoming a "US resident for tax purposes" to take advantage of several significant rebates relating to having 4...
  15. Can anyone help solve a LRSP Jurisdiction puzzle?

    There seems to be some confusion on the governing jurisdiction for our LRSP and I am not sure how to determine it ( and so is our financial institution) I assumed that they could "look it up" but that doesn't seem to be the case. The funds were withdrew from a pension upon termination of...
  16. RRSP or TFSA for our pension situation

    Please help me with this math and decide whether its better to invest in RRSPs or TFSAs. I'm not sure how indexing for inflation affects my numbers. I also have no clue exactly how much we will be earning over the next 25 years of employment salary-wise or what the tax rates will be...
  17. Beeing retired abroad

    Hi, I would appreciate any help in answering the following problematic. My mom is a pensioner and a non resident of Canada but she receives CPP. What are the possible sanctions if she doesn't file the tax report regarding her pension since she won't be living in Canada anymore. Can CRA freez...
  18. My road to financial independence!

    Finally I have pulled myself together to create a blog about my road to early retirement / financial independence. Hopefully this will force me to stick to my strategy. I will do my best to document all my transactions / stats and thoughts. My road to financial independence is by investing in...
  19. Mortgage paydown or invest

    General Personal Finance Talk
    With interest rates in Canada being near all time lows should I try to pay down my mortgage as fast as possible, or pay it off slower and invest the difference? My mortgage is up in July. The current lowest rate I can find is: 2.15% variable, 5 year term, 20% prepayment. My mortgage in July...
  20. Debt Free! now what?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello, So just last month I made my final payment on my personal line of credit. This debt was accumulated through living outside of my means and has taken me 4 years to pay off. Now I’m trying to figure out what is the best approach for reaching my financial goals with the money which I no...