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    WealthBar is Canada's only robo-advisor specializing in retirement income planning. Low cost investing. Advice you can trust. Open an account and get: Access to higher quality investments previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. These higher return, lower volatility portfolios have...
  2. CPP: Sooner, or Later?

    One question that often comes up about CPP benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so I wanted to do a thorough analysis myself. Now, before I...
  3. Retirement Planning do's and Dont's

    Do Start Early Starting retirement planning early has many benefits. A survey showed that people who start saving for retirement in their 20s are 66% more likely to retire before age 60 compared to those that begin saving in their 30s. Do Know Your Risk Tolerance Just like people want to do...
  4. Permament life insurance to save for retirement?

    Hello, I am new to this forum but wanted to seek a second opinion on using a permanent life insurance policy to save for retirement - instead of, or in addition, to an RRSP or TFSA. My financial advisor recently suggested that my husband and I invest in a permanent life insurance policy as our...
  5. Asset Allocatiion / Portfolio Rebalancing - ~$200k @ 25

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    Hi guys, I recently took a hard look at my asset allocation, and realized it's very suboptimal. I'm 25 - about 3 years out from school with $195K in liquid assets, no debt, and no other assets. For simplicity I'm excluding tax liabilities on investments. Rough breakdown is: Cash in...