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retirement income

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    WealthBar is Canada's only robo-advisor specializing in retirement income planning. Low cost investing. Advice you can trust. Open an account and get: Access to higher quality investments previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. These higher return, lower volatility portfolios have...
  2. CPP: Sooner, or Later?

    One question that often comes up about CPP benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so I wanted to do a thorough analysis myself. Now, before I...
  3. Is Universal Life a good idea?

    My fiance and I have been talking to a financial planner lately, and she has been suggesting a lot of options we have for building some wealth. One of the things she has been strongly pushing for is a Universal Life policy. I have tried to do some research on it, and have been quickly reading...
  4. What investment to put in TFSA

    I am kind of tore on what to put in my TFSA. On the one hand, TFSA shield investment income from taxation, therefore it's most suitable for fixed income investment. On the other hand, bigger TFSA can generate larger tax free/clawback free income after retirement, so higher long term return is...