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  1. Real Estate
    Hi, I'm looking for more resources to find properties for sale in Ontario. I know there's and HouseSigma that I just was made aware of and I just found out that I can go to the city hall and ask to see the encyclopedia of assessments to look at any assessment value if I want to...
  2. Investing
    Hi guys, What do you think of Diamond mine in Quebec, world class division... I bought about 1.5k shares last week and I'm thinking to reinvest... I'm working in the engineering field and some of my colleagues were telling me that this mine is a serious one. Construction is going...
  3. Investing
    Alright guys, I made this thread to discuss about what's going to happen in the future (near and later). What do you think about the oil price? Is it gonna go deeper? Back at 100$/barrel? What is it going to happen next? And what about a next crisis? 2008 is 7 years from us now, is it going to...
1-3 of 3 Results