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rental property

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    I own a small rental property. I would like to transfer ownership of the property to my parents (i.e. gift the property), who will be retiring soon. The purpose of this is to supplement their retirement income with the rental income (it's not much, but a little bit extra each month will help)...
  2. Real Estate
    I currently have about $30,000 to invest. I am looking for a safe investment, as I'll need that money for a down payment in about two to three years. I am considering two options: a) Invest in GIC (approx. 1.6% to 2% for 2 to 3 year term) b) Pay down the mortgage on a cash-flow positive...
  3. Real Estate
    Me and my wife own a house with no mortgage on it. Currently we are completing new house that we took construction mortgage on and HELOC against old house on top of that. Now we plan to move to the new house and rent the old house out. The question is how can we minimize the taxes on rental...
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    I am looking to buy my first rental property. I know that there is a minimum 20% down payment, and I want to know whether I can use my HELOC for the down payment. Any ideas from this great community please?