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  1. Should I pay the next 6 months rent ahead of time?

    Real Estate
    Hi, I have been going to school in sudbury for the last 5 years, and I have been staying in the same apartment that whole time. This is my final year of school, so I dont plan on moving out until I finish. I have a good relationship with my landlord, never missed a payment and we get along...
  2. Billboard Advertising - Passive/Active Income?

    Hi all, My brother and I are looking at starting a small billboard advertising business in our home town. The boards will be similar to the pattison boards. A bit of info: - We will be financing and building the signs ourselves. - No other employees/owners other than myself and my brother...
  3. Determining Rent Price

    Real Estate
    Landlords, what data do you use for figuring out how much to charge for rent?
  4. Can I deduct my rent as a work expense (work out of province)?

    Hi: I don't know if anyone can answer this for me (or if I am in the correct forum to ask), but I live in Ontario (working from my home each Monday and Friday), but work in Quebec (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week). Can I claim my rent in Montreal as a business expense? Thank You Ben
  5. Owner occupied rent rules EDMONTON

    Real Estate
    Hi, I am planning to buy a home in Edmonton with around 4 bedrooms (bedrooms are not in basement). I want to be staying in the home and also give other bedrooms (basement is not given for rent) for rent. 1) If I stay in one room and give other THREE bedrooms (not in basement) for rent, do I...
  6. What's your Net Income to Rental or Mortgage ratio?

    Real Estate
    Now and historically? The typical recommendations out there is that you should not spend more than anywhere from 25% to 35% of your net income on rent or mortgage (incl. other housing expenses? such as prop. tax, mortgage insurance, etc.). I'm curious to know what the real #s are for people...
  7. Possible to expense rent?

    Hi, I'm a contract engineer being hired on a 9 month job through my incorporated company. I'll have to find a place near the job where I'm to spend the weeknights, but I'll be home for the weekends. Can I expense the rent on this place? Utilities, internet, etc.? The stuff I've read online...