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  1. Individual Stocks/Equities
    I invested in DIR.UN Dream Industrial just as a one off in my portfolio mainly for the dividends. The kicker is I bought at the most recent height of the stock, and it has now dropped 23% from my purchase price. All my investments are long term so my plan is to ride it out, but I would love to...
  2. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone: A bank offer me 5.99% personal loan for up to $10000 and up to 3 years (NOT a Line Of Credit, so it is like a mortgage, where payment is a blend of interest and principal). Is it a good idea I borrow this money to invest in this REIT, which pay around 8% dividend ? I am aware I...
  3. Investing
    I'm interested in reits for my tfsa but Investorline doesn't have many and I can't seem to find them there. Is there a discount broker that would be good for this type of investment? I realize they're listed as stocks but I'm having trouble finding them on BMO Investorline.
  4. Real Estate
    I am studying Appraisal of Real Estate and there I have come across REIT. REIT carry out distribution at the end of year. It also carries out repayment of equity at times. So whats difference between return of equity and distribution ? Thanks
  5. Investing
    I am in the process of starting to do some in depth analysis on REITs for my blog, and have been looking for a complete list of REITs on the TSX. I've started to pull together information from the stock screener on my own discount brokerage, but if a list already exists I'd prefer to leverage...
  6. Individual Stocks/Equities
    I'm looking at filling in the real-estate portion of my portfolio (dull buy-and-hold potato-y variety). Aside from kicking myself for not getting this done earlier this year, I'm debating which way to go. iShares XRE has half its holdings in just three REITS (RioCan REI.U, HR.U and REF.U), so...
  7. Investing
    Hi all, I'm trying to understand/research which financial institutions offer TFSA accounts in which trading (income trusts, REITs...) is permitted. Here's a link I came across: Is Questrade still the best available...
1-7 of 7 Results