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  1. Where does 'credit card cash back' go on my business tax return?

    My title says it all. I received $1200 cash back on my business credit card. I suppose I could credit 'bank charges', but that would result in a negative expense there. Or maybe it should be in some kind of 'other income' field? The cash was put back into my business bank account, and it's...
  2. Spousal RRSP strategy for a stay-home spouse?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I've recently found out about Spousal RRSPs and I was wondering if this tax deferment strategy is a valid one. I'm in a situation where my wife will be a stay home mom, therefore her income being $0, for the next 6 years and I'll earn about $90,000 a year. Since her income will be $0 for...
  3. Best Rebate Sites?

    Hi everybody, Has anyone joined one of those rebate sites that give you cashback for shopping at online retailers? I came accross a couple, such as: Can someone recommend a better one? Thanks, Rob