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  1. Investing in real estate outside of Canada? In an island called Sri Lanka?

    Real Estate
    Hi, is it a good idea to invest in real estate outside of Canada? Sometime ago I once had the opportunity to deal with a certain Spanish lady who was doing something with setting up a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. I have absolutely no clue the ownership percentage of the hotel, whether it was...
  2. Renting vs. Home Ownership

    Real Estate
    When comparing owning to renting, you have to add up all of the figures, including the cost of your home, the size of your down payment, utilities, immediate repairs, interest rates and insurance, and compare them with how much you are currently spending on rent. Of course, you also have to...
  3. Which real estate services websites are the most popular in Canada?

    Real Estate
    Hi everybody, I wonder, how many user-friendly Real Estate websites, which offer the wide range of services, there are in Canada. Is it optimal and advantageously not to hire a real estate agent / realtor for appartments renting or buying and to have a choice of the best offers observation at...
  4. How to hire a professional Real estate agent?

    Real Estate
    Hi Peeps, Greetings of the day, What are the qualities must have in a real estate agent? Or if you are looking for a real estate agent in your area then how you will check that it will save your time, money and energy to complete your property deal? Please share some of your experiences! Have...
  5. In your opinion, what is the best site for Canadian commercial real estate?

    Real Estate
    In terms of ease of use, most useful information, most listings, etc. The MLS-equivalent ( doesn't seem to provide a lot of information about its listings. My biggest pet peeve is the lack of ability to refine your settings while searching. Are there any alternative sites...
  6. Looking for a no b.s. Realtor in Hamilton

    Real Estate
    As stated in title.