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  1. Renting vs. Home Ownership

    Real Estate
    When comparing owning to renting, you have to add up all of the figures, including the cost of your home, the size of your down payment, utilities, immediate repairs, interest rates and insurance, and compare them with how much you are currently spending on rent. Of course, you also have to...
  2. Real Estate Giants Providing You With Excellent Home Solution Services

    Real Estate
    Being a home owner can be a joyous experience. It however comes with a lot of responsibility. Keeping your home in tip-top condition can be financially and physically tasking. If you have a reason to sell your home, maybe because you have recently acquired a bigger home to raise your now large...
  3. Which real estate services websites are the most popular in Canada?

    Real Estate
    Hi everybody, I wonder, how many user-friendly Real Estate websites, which offer the wide range of services, there are in Canada. Is it optimal and advantageously not to hire a real estate agent / realtor for appartments renting or buying and to have a choice of the best offers observation at...
  4. Free Real Estate Listing Site

    Real Estate
    I run a real estate website and I'm going to start listing properties for both rental and purchase. Would you be interested in a free posting on my site? Check it out: and then navigate to the Real Estate Listings Tab. As I said it's free (no listing price or...