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  1. Kevin Bratch - Buying a New Home Subject to the Sale of your Old Home

    Real Estate
    Selling the home that you live in and purchasing a new property with the proceeds can be a tricky affair. You need to get your timing exactly correct. Kevin Bratch provide the best place to buy real estate property in Canada is Vancouver because nowadays the city properties demand to get a boom...
  2. Shopping for more credit and impact on credit score

    Real Estate
    Hi everyone, I am looking at trying to get more line of credit headroom (currently only have a 30k one) mainly for the flexibility it allows me for deals and emergency funds and I remember reading a forum post somewhere in which the person said she booked appointment with as many banks and...
  3. Investing in real estate outside of Canada? In an island called Sri Lanka?

    Real Estate
    Hi, is it a good idea to invest in real estate outside of Canada? Sometime ago I once had the opportunity to deal with a certain Spanish lady who was doing something with setting up a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. I have absolutely no clue the ownership percentage of the hotel, whether it was...
  4. $250k to buy land somewhere with highway access to GTA

    Real Estate
    Hey serial investors Happy bank holiday weekend! So I am an independent consultant and after risking the security of not having a ‘full-time’ job despite having a single income family and working really hard over the last few years, I was lucky to save some money that I would like to invest in...
  5. Did you make money from Vancouver Real Estate?

    Real Estate
    I think this chart tells you all lol hate didn't buy enough properties
  6. Flipping a 160 Year old Heritage Home

    Real Estate
    Well after our first mortage lender backed out (after signing) and then a SECOND lender backed out....We're proud to announce our new project!* A 160 year old Heritage Home 2 blocks from downtown Guelph!* The lot is MASSIVE for this location.* 66 ft wide x 160 ft*deep.* You guys are not gonna...
  7. Buying foreign real estate property through my company

    Hi guys I am in IT and I am incorporated. I plan to buy together with a relative that has his own company an apartment that will be used for offices. He will use his half partially for his company partially for renting and I would rent my half. I will receive the rent money in a personal...
  8. Smith Menoeuvre - Can I implement in my sutation

    Real Estate
    Hi there, this is my first post but I've been following Canadian money forum from some time and it is very informative. My current situation is I have bought a new house and want to make it my principal residence and turn my old house into rental. I should have positioned myself batter but...
  9. How to "best" manage equity

    Real Estate
    I bought a starter home 6 years ago. Own over 30% (based on the purchase price-- not factoring in what it's currently worth) But recent (comparable) sales have me thinking of either: A) Selling & up-sizing--- OR B) Renting my existing property & using some of that equity (just less than...
  10. RE Investing YouTube Channel, London Ontario (and do you use video marketing?)

    Real Estate
    Hello CMF I'm more of a lurker on these forums than an active poster, but I wanted to share a link to my YouTube Channel (just launched today). I'm hoping to document what it's like being a landlord and real estate investor in London...