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  1. My broker (Q-Trade) doesn't seem to offer RDSP's, who should I consider (or not consi

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    The options, according to the Government of Canada website for RDSP's are (see below). And I'm either not familiar with any of these, or are not overly happy about having to deal with some of them due to reasons I don't really know why. I'm hoping others can chime in with their experiences to...
  2. How should I prioritize my investments?

    This is my first post, so please be easy on me :smile: I'm 40 yrs old novice investor, looking to build a simple portfolio of 2-3 etfs, my financials are as follows: - I have $300K in personal savings - I have $150K deferred income in my corporation (50/50 USD and CAD) - I own $130K of my...
  3. My complicated situatin, need advise

    I'm 58, married, 11 yeras old autistic son, 23 y.o. daughter. I am employed with almost an empty ( 5K) RRSP. I have unused contribution of about 50K. My wife, 50 years old, software developer has RRSP of about 100K and unused contribution of about 80K. No TFSA. We have a house of about 800K with...
  4. Brokerage for Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

    Can anyone recommend a good brokerage in which to start an RDSP? I thought Questrade used to offer one, but I don't see any mention of it on their website anymore. I'm going to be putting stocks and ETF's in there. Don't plan on trading a whole lot (few times a year), but will be starting with...