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  1. RBC New Policies

    General Discussion
    Do you know that you cannot make an anonymous complaint to RBC? Do you know that RBC is forcing clients to sign a new agreement by holding online paid (VIP) baking services, hostage - until signed. Do you think that the cost of online services would be withdrawn till the issue is resolved? Do...
  2. Which bank/credit union has the easiest requirements for a LoC?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Easiest Line of Credit? Hi guys so I just got a job (at Scotiabank) - do you guys know which banks or credit unions give you a line of credit (LoC) for the least requirements? I'll obviously try it with Scotiabank soon but I called RBC earlier (the bank I've been with for 7+ years) and they...
  3. RBC Select Funds

    Does anyone here have a financial or retirement advisor at RBC who put them into any one of the "RBC Select" mutual funds?
  4. RBC DI Community

    Hi everyone, I just opened a RBC Direct Investing account and excited to start using their Community tab with other investors; however, I can't seem to get into it. It keeps asking to "Set Email Address" which I already have my email address updated on their site. I called RBC DI and was told...
  5. Bank Institute RBC - Forced Deposit Only Account - Not Sure How To Approach.

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Okay, so I'm pretty new to this thread but have been gathering much information off this credited site for the past week as my story has been developing. I'm very confused as to what my actions are, and where my credits lay. To start - My account was a Checking Account, which after depositing...
  6. RBC Mutual Funds for the long term

    Hi All, My wife and I currently have the entire balance of our RRSPs invested in the "RBC Balanced Fund", which has a MER of 2.36%. We're both 30 years old and putting $325 a month into our individual RRSPs. Our research and planning so far consisted entirely of consultation with our RBC...
  7. What would you do: Rrsp transfer out or high commissions

    Hi guys I'm a recent engineering grad and my company contributes to my RRSP. I have just about $5K in it right now. I use my earnings to pay off my credit card debt and rent so I haven't added much investment or RRSP contributions yet. Will be able to do that next month when I'm done paying off...
  8. Future of Ally Finacial Canada (or lack thereof)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    In other news today, it looks like RBC is intent on buying Ally Financial's Canadian operations for about $4 billion. Comments?
  9. RBC Canadian Bond Index: any objections?

    I've been scrutinizing some of my bank's index funds and came across this one that looks pretty good, although the recent performance hasn't been great. I'm thinking I may lessen my exposure to precious metals...
  10. Rbc resp?

    Hi All, I'm in a similar situation to silence and my first choice of the TD e-series account doesn't qualify for the Quebec RESP grant (QESI). Now, I use RBC as a secondary bank and they do qualify for the QESI so I'm stuck with some questions. Has anybody had any experience RBC RESPs? What...
  11. RBC Mutual Fund dividends

    Hi everybody! Does anyone know when the end of year RBC Mutual Fund distributions will be? I thought it might be today because it's the Friday before Christmas but doesn't seem to indicate that...thoughts?