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portfolio strategy

  1. How do I balance Target 2030, Canadian Index Fund, and pure cash within my RESP?

    Hello Money Folks, I have created 3 wings of investments within my RBC RESP account. I am spreading my monthly contributions as follows: [plain cash] RBC Savings Deposit: $40 [mutual fund] RBC Target 2030 Fund: $80 [index fund] RBC Canadian Index Fund: $80 I know there are multiple strategies...
  2. ETFs portfolio

    Hi guys, I’m a Quebec student in civil engineering. I have 5 traineeships during my degree and now I have a ****load of cash that I don’t need. I was investing in a NBC fund with a MER of 2.5% (yeah) and now I decided to open a brokerage account. I’m now setting my portfolio and investing...
  3. Portfolio Construction

    I’m a big fan of couch potato investing; I especially favour this model portfolio from CCP: Canadian equity 20% Vanguard FTSE Canadian All Cap (VCN) US equity 15% Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTI) International equity 15% Vanguard Total International Stock (VXUS) Real estate investment...
  4. Lifecycle Investing

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post on MDJ about Lifecycle Investing as an overall portfolio investment strategy. Link: The theory behind it speaks to the question posed by its creator, Ian...