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  1. Best and cheapest iPhone plans With or Without Data in Canada.

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone, I'm living in quebec city, and i'm about the buy the new iPhone 5! I'm really exited about but I don't wan't to pay the 60$+ bill every month! Right now, I have an iPhone 4 with Telus and my contract is 35$ + Taxes each month, thing is, I only use 18 Minutes per month, you will...
  2. DINKS update! Mortgage or balanced approach?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi CMF, Have to thank you for all your help on our previosu post : A quick update/summary: Age 29/31 Assets: Daily Banking Account: 5k Savings 30k House 246k (purchase price 2008) TFSA - 20k in couch potato...