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  1. Switch Cell Phone Provider hurt Credit Score??

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I recently switched cell phone providers (save a few bucks and get a better plan) and got a new credit card (4% cash back on USD) within 4 months. It looks like both of those actions reduced my FICO score from 840 to 807! totally unexpected!! My previous phone plan was my second oldest credit...
  2. How I reduced my families phone bill to less than 10 dollars per month

    Guest article on how I used a combination of Skype, virtufon, and a cordless skype compatible phone to have my phone plan under 10 dollars a month.
  3. What are the best deals for phone, cable and internet?

    Inspired by a new thread kissing goodbye to Bell, I thought I'd expand the topic a bit to include all 3 essential services. What are the best deals out there for home phone, internet, and TV? My story: 1. Home Phone: basic line from Bell, $24.26/month after tax. Long distance through YAK...