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  1. General Personal Finance Talk
    I recently switched cell phone providers (save a few bucks and get a better plan) and got a new credit card (4% cash back on USD) within 4 months. It looks like both of those actions reduced my FICO score from 840 to 807! totally unexpected!! My previous phone plan was my second oldest credit...
  2. Frugality
    Guest article on how I used a combination of Skype, virtufon, and a cordless skype compatible phone to have my phone plan under 10 dollars a month.
  3. Frugality
    Inspired by a new thread kissing goodbye to Bell, I thought I'd expand the topic a bit to include all 3 essential services. What are the best deals out there for home phone, internet, and TV? My story: 1. Home Phone: basic line from Bell, $24.26/month after tax. Long distance through YAK...
1-3 of 4 Results