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  1. Should I pay the next 6 months rent ahead of time?

    Real Estate
    Hi, I have been going to school in sudbury for the last 5 years, and I have been staying in the same apartment that whole time. This is my final year of school, so I dont plan on moving out until I finish. I have a good relationship with my landlord, never missed a payment and we get along...
  2. Student loan in USD: To go into forbearance or not?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Ok, so I work here in Canada and I've got a $21,000 USD student loan in the states with 4% annual interest rate that accrues daily. The exchange rate with the USD and the CAD is KILLING ME. Do I: A) Accept a 12 month forebearance, hoping that the CAD will get stronger relative to the USD...
  3. How long for ETF distribs to show up in registered account?

    Hi everyone: I own some XSH in a registered TD account. The dates I've received payments have been anywhere between the last day of the month, and the 7th or 8th of the next month. How long should it take for those distribs to show up if the payments are cash? What if the payments involve a...
  4. New Bank of Canada report suggests increasing down payment

    Real Estate
    Bank of Canada released Review today (Aug 18, 2011), suggesting Ottawa to increase down payment requirement. (note: LTV ratio of 80% = DP of 20%; LTV ratio of 95% = DP of 5%; to lower LTV ratio = to increase DP) "They consider the impact when the public authorities respond to a credit boom by...
  5. Trying to crunch some numbers !!!!

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Here is a question for any one here with good calculating skills. We're currently working on wiping out our debt and not sure which would be better to pay off first. Two debts owning are: Home mortgage of $72,000 at 5.31% locked in until 2016 with payments of $303.44 bi-weekly. Annual...