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  1. Real Estate
    Recently purchased a vacant lot in a small town. The lot was originally located in smaller township that was dissolved to a larger town through annexation in the late 90s. The road to the lot was created through an private easement back in the 80s. Since annexation the municipality that took...
  2. Investing
    Hi, I've been looking at IB, Q-Trade, QuestTrade, VirtualBrokers, and a few of the major banks to trade shares. What's unclear to me is when you buy shares with any of them, who actually owns the shares? Suppose I bought shares in a TSX listed company via one of these brokers, and the broker...
  3. Real Estate
    Hi, Is there a way to find out ownership of a property in toronto? I meant to get it for free? instead of paying a fee to a lawyer/sort of service. thanks
1-3 of 3 Results