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  1. learning how to sell Covered Calls

    Hi, I'm just learning about selling covered calls and it looks as if that should be something I definitely want to learn about to create more income from my (long) holdings. I am using RBC DI as a trading platform and I'm not quite sure if I understand it all correctly so please bear with me...
  2. How to learn Options Trading?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I'm using webinars, Youtube videos and also some beginner books from the library. I've set up an account to practice on Investopedia as well. So far, I'm kind of getting it but not quite grasping it fully. I'd like to understand better and more importantly learn some strategies as apposed to...
  3. Tax implications of Stock Options

    Hello, I work for a US start-up company from which I have received Stock Options (not yet excercisable). Does anyone know the best course of action to reduce tax burden in Canada ? No date for stocks to go public (at least 3 years or so as this is a very early startup). I am afraid that when...
  4. What to do with Alibaba (BABA) Now?

    Nice article on BABA!What-to-do-with-Alibaba-BABA-Now/c95u/8996C961-06C6-49FC-BBDF-83BC55092204
  5. How to Succeed in a Sideways Market

    After having doubts that now may not be a good time to start the Couch Potato portfolio, I found this article very informative: How to Succeed in a Sideways Market. I have even more questions now, but will do some googling first. In the meantime, would love to hear the success stories from the...
  6. TFSA & RRSP contribution room in 2014 after option expiry

    Hi there, I took a gamble with the purchase of $1000 worth of call options in my TFSA this year; naturally they expired worthless. Is the contribution room automatically freed up for 2014, or do I need to do something in 2013 in order to free it up, i.e. have $5500 (normal contribution limit...
  7. Options trading - best discount brokerage?

    Hi there experts! I've recently started option trading a few months ago and have done fairly well -- I definitely intend to trade more as time goes on. However I've been using Questrade for this -- for most purposes it's a great discount brokerage (low stock commissions, good new user client...
  8. List of Canadian stocks with options AND decent open interest

    Hi all, I have been working with options for my investment portfolios for a couple of years now, but mostly using my US holdings. I do some options strategies in my Canadian holdings of course, but since the volume is so low I need to be careful. To ensure I knew which Canadian securities had...
  9. Walk-Limit Order at OX - option spread order

    This is why I love OptionsXpress. "Walk Limit is an order type that automatically walks option spread orders at successive price increments to try and possibly obtain the best possible execution price within the spread NBBO. Walk Limit uses a maximum of 11 cancel/replace Limit orders starting...
  10. Net (Total) Return for Stock + Options

    Hello, I have searched, but am trying to figure out how to calculate the total return of a stock, after the purchase of options to reduce downside risk. I am wondering for both circumstances, either allowing the options to expire, or sell them closer to the expiration date. It may be simpler...