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  1. Ontario Support For Parents - Taxable?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if the Ontario Support For Parents payments, being provided for our Ontario school strike dates, are going to be taxable. I don't want that to be a surprise in 12 months. Any ideas or guidance? I was able to google some information on support payment but it all seemed to...
  2. Beware of Canadian Casino Caesars Windsor, Ontario, Canada is committing fraud

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Beware of Canadian Casino Caesars Windsor, Ontario, Canada is committing fraud at table games and cheating is very common. They will rob you blind before you know it. They will make you win some and then fraud you big time. Caesars Windsor committing fraud using remote control dice at Craps...
  3. Townhouse vs Semi Detached

    Real Estate
    I am in the market to buy a property in Mississauga and was contemplating either a Townhouse or a Semi Detached. With the market going up every year and GTA being an area for new immigrants, I was wondering if a town house will be a better value to purchase. A few years from now when Semi...
  4. Half-ownership of out of province partial income property

    Hi, looking for help on how I declare an out-of-province property I purchased in 2015. Details: - BC resident - Purchased 3-unit rental property in Ontario in early 2015 - Half-ownership with a sibling - Same sibling occupies one unit in property, pays "rent" towards mortgage / expenses -...
  5. For the parents, here's a scholarship contest for Ontario students (Ontario only)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Ontario secondary school students can take a quiz to learn about the potential risks of gambling, and have a chance to win a $2000, $1500 or $1000 Scholarship:
  6. Income tax 2009

    Could somebody help me please? I have a dual citizenship - canadian and one european country. I lived the all year 2009 in Europe and did not enter Canada and had no income in Canada. Do I have to fill the tax form and send it to revenue agency in Ontario? I will fill the tax return in the...