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  1. new member, keen on sharing information regarding investment and deals found

    New Member Introductions
    always looking for a way to save, will share information with fellow members, appreciating this interesting opportunity as a platform to share and show how we can can care as fellow Canadians. Mining student so I might have a lot to say about traditional mining(not data mining, not bitcoin...
  2. Oil & Gas royalties not paid out yet

    We have inherited shares of oil & gas royalties. For the calendar year 2016, these royalties (in form of monthly cheques) have been withheld until the estate was cleared. Now the estate has been cleared and royalties have been transferred in our name (apparently), however the royalty cheques...
  3. RMP Energy Inc.

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Again another junior oil and gas company that is emphasizing the value of its assets and low cost-structure while losing out on low-oil prices. Anyone have any insight as to whether this one (I know LRE and ATH have been discussed here before) stands a chance of surviving if the oil slump...
  4. Wanna take a bet on the future?

    Alright guys, I made this thread to discuss about what's going to happen in the future (near and later). What do you think about the oil price? Is it gonna go deeper? Back at 100$/barrel? What is it going to happen next? And what about a next crisis? 2008 is 7 years from us now, is it going to...
  5. An environmentally friendly drill rig

    General Discussion
    Interesting article on how a oil rig and natural gas generator powered entirely by natural gas could give energy companies a greater choice and benefit the environment...
  6. Baytex Energy Corp (BTE, BTE.TO)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Tony Marino has left the building. I've been accumulating BTE since August, and was able to lower my average cost today. My average now 48.30 home page: insider:|+Baytex+Energy monthly dividend 0.22...