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  1. Line 304 – Canada caregiver amount for eligible dependent

    Could not find any reference if I can claim the credit on line 304 for my mother who is 84 years old, confined to bed because infirmity and non-resident of Canada . I am supporting her to live in an elders home abroad by paying over 50% of her monthly expenses I don't believe I qualify for...
  2. Canadian but non-resident - what taxes?

    Hi everyone, I am a Canadian citizen. Non-resident of Canada (zero ties). I am a resident (not citizen) in a country that has no income tax at all. I do not pay income tax to either country. I have a bit of money in stocks, in a third country. I am not a citizen or resident of that country. I...
  3. Beeing retired abroad

    Hi, I would appreciate any help in answering the following problematic. My mom is a pensioner and a non resident of Canada but she receives CPP. What are the possible sanctions if she doesn't file the tax report regarding her pension since she won't be living in Canada anymore. Can CRA freez...
  4. Non-resident with low income_tax filing needed?

    Hi everybody, I have relocated to Canada in September 2014 on a temporary visa. As I am still a resident of my home country and have been here for less than 180 days, so I am non-resident for Canadian tax purposes. Thus, I have to declare only my Canadian source income for 2014. I started to...
  5. Should Canadian Non-Resident filing tax declare worldwide income

    I am a Canadian Non Resident with Canadian based income. I file a return each year. I reside in Colombia which has a tax treaty with Canada. However, I am on a tax free service visa and am not required to pay taxes in Colombia. Is there any reason I should declare my worldwide income on CRA tax...
  6. Holy Maple Syrup! Trying to figure out if nonresidents pay income tax on Cdn pension

    This probably will never happen, but I am still curious if anyone here knows the answer. I've read so many bloody CRA documents that make zero sense to me it's starting to frustrate me :( I'm trying to figure out if someone is receiving a government pension (Federal pension/Canadian Forces...