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  1. Couch potato portfolio with a CCPC

    Great forum - I've been watching from the sidelines but this is my first actual post :) I think this has been discussed is some form or other in the last few years but I still don't have a clear answer: About me - I'm a professional with: A CCPC: currently about 70k in it - growing at about...
  2. non-registered taxable account in Canada for non-residents

    I am a US resident and a Canadian non-resident for tax purposes. I have an RRSP (holding approx. 30K) which I am planning to cash out and maintain in a Canadian bank checking/Savings account. Is there a way I can invest in canadian stocks, ETFs (follow a DIY strategy) while being a US resident...
  3. big investment - lump sum or periodic or DCA?

    i am invested up to the limit in RRSP, TFSA and RESP. now i want to be fully invested in non-registered investment account as well. for non-registered account i would choose canadian stocks (80%, VCE etc) and preferreds (20%, CPD etc) at this point. i have a fundamental and value tilt but ETF...