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  1. Direct Investing: RBC vs TD vs Questrade, which one is better?

    About me: I'm starting to dip my toes into investing. I'm looking to get onto the TD e series and I read that direct investing is the way to go with these. However, as I'm looking into the different options, I'm not sure where to go, especially because the fees somewhat vary with these three. I...
  2. Mutual funds and tax deferred accounts: How to combine them?

    Hi there! I'm looking to buy mutual funds at either TD or CIBC; however I already own tax-deferred accounts at RBC (1 TFSA and 1 RRSP). How should I go about setting my funds within either of these accounts? Will I be able to combine them or will I have to start a new tax-deferred account at...
  3. RBC Select Funds

    Does anyone here have a financial or retirement advisor at RBC who put them into any one of the "RBC Select" mutual funds?
  4. Robo Advisors in Canada

    Are you looking for the easiest possible way to get a diversified investment portfolio, an answer to your investing questions – at a price that keeps most of your money working for you? If you have read a lot about index investing and want to embrace a cost-conscious alternative to expensive...
  5. Is my RESP at RBC being drained by high MER?

    I am pulling my hair for having been so naive and complacent about the growth in my RESP I opened 2 years ago at RBC. I opened that account for my daughter without much research. It is not a self-directed account. A manager controls it, who is always mysterious. Never communicated with her in...
  6. Moving from Funds to Stocks

    Hi there, this is my first post in the community but I've been reading many threads for a while. A little about me, I'm 29, professional career, only debt is mortgage. I'm looking for advise on making the move from my all-mutual fund portfolio at a large bank to opening a discount broker account...
  7. Better visualization and Investment Suggestion for TD Mutual Funds

    Hi guys, I made a website for people who frequently check TD mutual funds price ( It also gives investment and selling funds suggestions when it's time to do so. Feel free to leave some suggestions or comments. Thanks
  8. Accidentally redeemed RSP

    General Personal Finance Talk
    About a year ago, I accidentally redeemed my TD RSP holdings which was TD mutual funds. What I didn't know is that unlike other products, TD mutual funds directly redeems itself into the checking account rather than a holding account. This results in a tax event. The issue was brought to my...
  9. Montrusco Mutual Fund Too Good To Be True?

    Found this fund when searching for funds with 10+ year records: Anyone own this fund or familiar with Montrusco Bolton? Looks almost too good to be true...
  10. US Estate Taxes on Canadian Mutual Funds?

    From what I understand, the IRS can go after you for Estate taxes (Upon death) if you have $60,000US taxable assets AND $2M in total worldwide assets. (doesn't apply to US Securities held in an RRSP). If you hold a Canadian mutual fund that holds US assets, does that count toward the $60,000...
  11. New Couch Potato: How to Allocate?

    Hello, hello! There are must be so many posts like mine; I hope you'll bear with me because I'd be very grateful to hear your advice. I'm new to index investing - aside from reading the Moneysense book and the Boglehead's Guide, where I understand the concept and the basics (and am convinced...
  12. Thrown into the deep end and trying to figure a way out

    Hi Everyone, I recently lost my father and am now trying to deal with my parents finances and plan going forward for my mother. Neither my mother or I have very much investing knowledge and have left a lot of it up to the financial advisor my father used but am now wary of his ability to put...
  13. RESP TD Canada e-series mutual funds.

    Hi Forum, I opened the RESP TD Canada mutual fund account for my son a month ago and at the same time I had given them the forms for converting it to e-series. I received the confirmation email regarding that. I had purchased two e-series funds 100 CAD each in the feb 2013. On March 1 the...
  14. 20 Yr Old With 12,000$ Willing to Invest!?

    hi, i am 20 yr old student, that has 12 000$ a side. with no intent of future spending. just wanted some advice on what i should be investing in. GIC's really haven't seemed to please me, with short lived returns. are there any types of mutual funds that have more potential. or any other types...
  15. Self Directed RESP to Maximize Grants

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Good day all, With the birth of my first child only 1 month away, like any CMF’er, I am preparing to open an RESP account. Up until yesterday, I had already decided on a TD eSeries account with monthly contributions. Then I discovered this thread, stating that the account will not be eligible...