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  1. Retiree feels duped by bank advisors. Only got 3% last 6 years.

    General Personal Finance Talk
    With the size portfolio this retiree had, he should have spent some time and money on investment books. Even reading Moneysense would have led him away from bank advisors and towards couch potato. He says he paid 30K over the last 6 years but I think with 1 million invested at 2.5% or so MER, it...
  2. Riocan Stock TSE: REI.UN - Hold, buy or sell?

    Hello all I have had a small amount of Riocan stocks in my RRSP Questrade account for a long time now. The stock yield (%5.24) is not bad but considering the current housing bubble looming, Do you think its better to hold, buy or sell? I know Riocan is mostly invested in commercial holdings but...
  3. Mutual Fund Risk Statement Help

    Hello, I am fairly new to investing and would like to take a position in the Beutal Goodman Small Cap D fund (good rating on morningstar and high since inception return). While looking at the prospectus, this statement was listed under risk: "As at May 31, 2016, one investor owned units...
  4. Montrusco Mutual Fund Too Good To Be True?

    Found this fund when searching for funds with 10+ year records: Anyone own this fund or familiar with Montrusco Bolton? Looks almost too good to be true...
  5. Canada = highest mutual fund expense ratios in the world?

    Just reading a Morningstar report - page 22 quote: "Canada fails for Fees and Expenses. Among the 22 countries in this survey, Canada has the highest annual expense ratios for equity funds, the third highest for bond funds, and tied for the highest for money-market funds. These costs cannot be...
  6. RBC Mutual Funds for the long term

    Hi All, My wife and I currently have the entire balance of our RRSPs invested in the "RBC Balanced Fund", which has a MER of 2.36%. We're both 30 years old and putting $325 a month into our individual RRSPs. Our research and planning so far consisted entirely of consultation with our RBC...
  7. Transfering mutual funds/bonds to discount broker

    I am making the transfer (stocks/mutual funds/bonds) from my full financial adviser to do it myself discount broker. What happens to the trailing commissions of the front end mutual funds when I transfer to my discount broker?
  8. Index ETF DIY vs Managed Mutual Funds

    Hello All I have been reading this Personal Finance forum for a couple weeks now, and have found some of the information to be excellent. I am comfortable asking my question and seeing what kind of objective info comes to light. The scenario is this: In 4 months my daughter will be done...
  9. Mutual Fund: Buy on dividend distribution (report) date?

    Hi everyone. New member here. I wanted to make a contribution into my RRSP's, and It was on the Feb 29th cut off date. Now, the funds I chose distributed their dividends on the same date. First question: Would the fund have reported the dividend prior to that date, or is Feb 29 the report...
  10. Low Risk Tolerance

    I am someone who is quite risk adverse. I'd like to be able to get over that though to grow my money a little bit more. In the past, I've had GICs and high interest savings accounts and that was about it. I had certain reasons though, besides my aversion to risk, such as wanting my money...
  11. Mutual Fund Investing

    Within my TFSA I do not get charged to buy a sell Mutual Funds. Would buying and selling them on a regular basis selling for small profits here and there be a reasonable way to increase overall portfolio value as there are no incurred fees. I don't mean to day trade them but turn them over more...
  12. ETF's the mutual fund of now?

    I think ETFs are basically just glorified mutual funds. They are so similar. 1) own a pool of stocks (same as a mutual fund that tries to match the market) 2) they charge a MER (but slightly less than most funds since there are less trades) This is likley to cause a bubble with eveyone...
  13. MER comparison of a simlar BMO and TD funds

    Here are MERs that I found for similar funds at BMO and TD: BMO U.S. Equity Fund 2.39 TD U.S. Index 0.53% (investor series) TD U.S. Index 0.33% (e-series) I think that the TD e-series fund has lower MER because you can't call in to make changes because you've got to do it all online. Is this...