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  1. Claim moving expenses for coming from outside of Canada

    I moved to Canada in 2017 in order to work but actually I recived payments from my employer starting from 2018. So when I was filing my taxes for 2017 I didn't know much about tax and since I didn't have that much income I didn't took it seriously. later someone told me that I could use the...
  2. Moving to the US - Tax Implications

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone, I've recently accepted a job in California so I'll be moving there from Toronto. In total I will have been there < 183 days since I'll be moving in mid-August. I had a few questions about tax implications on my investment accounts and income taxes and would really appreciate any...
  3. Moving expenses eligibility

    Hello, I'm a newcomer in Canada. Our first destination as residency was Ottawa. But 2 weeks later I got an offer in Toronto, so I moved there. Do you think that I can claim move expenses like car rental and temporary apartment rental (Airbnb)? I rented a car with a foreign (European)...
  4. Moving Provinces - house for son

    Real Estate
    My parents are planning on moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan. They want to buy a house for my brother who has a new family. They would rent out the house to my brother. My parents are retired and have enough money to buy the house outright, but that would require cashing in RRSPs, other...
  5. Buying a house when moving to another town/city

    Real Estate
    I have a question regarding buying a home. My wife and I live in Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL, and the prices of homes here are really high. We moved here to live with our family in order to save money for a down payment on a home. We are planning on moving back to PEI or another maritime...
  6. Moving Expenses

    I have detailed questions regarding deducting moving expenses. I Know I cant expect factual answers, but just thoughts from you experts. 1) Is flight cost allowed to be deductedunder "Travel Expenses". I ask this because CRA keeps mentioning vehicle everywhere on their page. What about flights...
  7. Moving Expenses - what is eligible

    Background Information on my Moving: I gave a month’s notice to the former landlord and left the apartment (say Apt A) 12 days earlier than the end of month (say Feb 17, 2011). I moved to the new apartment (say Apt. B). I sold all my furniture at Apt A. location and I shifted from Apt. A to...
  8. Moving cross-Canada and crossing the US/Cdn Border with household effects

    General Discussion
    We have a moving company moving most of our stuff, but there's some items they can't transport. Most items I'm not worried about, but we have a fair sized liquor stash and I'm hoping we can transport it (most bottles are open) across the border and back without paying duties. I've checked the...