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  1. Self Directed RSP mortgage with interest being tax deductible.

    Thinking about this and wondered if anyone might have implemented it, and how it went. From my RSP or RIF redeem investments and set up a self directed first mortgage on principal residence. Use the proceeds to invest in an non registered investment, like a growth ETF or M Fund. It would...
  2. Where to invest my money? Am i taking the best route

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am looking for some advice on where i should be putting my money and if there is some things i could be doing beter I am 28. I havent bought my first home yet , probably will make this purchase next year. My expected home purchase is in the $170 000 - 180 000 range i believe. here is how...
  3. Fortress Syndicated Mortgages

    Real Estate
    There was a thread a few weeks back about this...