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  1. Investing
    My income last year was at 43% marginal tax rate. I have a TSFA of about 20K that I want to use it against my principal at the time of refinancing my mortgage in 2.5 years. When I opened the TSFA last year I was hoping I could get better than my current 2.54% mortgage rate but with the drop of...
  2. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hey, Looks like banks are getting harder and harder in approving A side deals. New rules, 32/40 GDS/TDS for conventional mortgages. Looks like people are going to go to B-Side soon!
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    Do you think it is advantageous to seek a mortgage from a broker? The following is a statement from an article I came across online ( "Bank vs. Mortgage Broker In the past, prospective home buyers turned exclusively to their banks for their...
  4. Real Estate
    I've been learning HTML5 and responsive web design lately and one of the things I decided to build was a mortgage payment calculator. It's nothing too fancy or complex from a design and coding perspective, but it does the job. The general idea is that a user inputs their property purchase price...
1-4 of 5 Results