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mortgage paydown

  1. How should I prioritize my investments?

    This is my first post, so please be easy on me :smile: I'm 40 yrs old novice investor, looking to build a simple portfolio of 2-3 etfs, my financials are as follows: - I have $300K in personal savings - I have $150K deferred income in my corporation (50/50 USD and CAD) - I own $130K of my...
  2. Pay off mortgage or invest

    Real Estate
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, please go easy :). Would like some unbiased advice please. My wife and I have about $73k outstanding on our mortgage. Our current rate is 2.34% and the mortgage comes up for renewal on Oct 1 2016. We had been aggressively paying down the mortgage when it...
  3. Mortgage payoff or not ?

    Real Estate
    Hi, just looking to get some discussion / advice about whether to pay off mortgage. I currently owe a little bit more than 200k on the house and the 5 year mortgage comes to an end middle of next year. I am hoping to pay it off completely then but with the low rate I am second guessing myself...
  4. DINKS update! Mortgage or balanced approach?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi CMF, Have to thank you for all your help on our previosu post : A quick update/summary: Age 29/31 Assets: Daily Banking Account: 5k Savings 30k House 246k (purchase price 2008) TFSA - 20k in couch potato...
  5. TFSA vs. Mortgage prepayment

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am at the point where I could prepay our mortgage to an amount that would make us mortgage free within 2 years (conservatively). I am looking at our current interest rate (variable @ 2.3%). Wouldn't it be a better idea to invest in a TFSA with some dividend paying stocks and take the...