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  1. Taxation
    Hello, My wife and I plan on moving into my son's house once he purchases a new one. I suspect we are not the only ones going down this route as we get older and a bit more fragile. Thanks to the relatively "inexpensive" house prices in my son's locale and us merging our financial resources, it...
  2. Real Estate
    Hi, just looking to get some discussion / advice about whether to pay off mortgage. I currently owe a little bit more than 200k on the house and the 5 year mortgage comes to an end middle of next year. I am hoping to pay it off completely then but with the low rate I am second guessing myself...
  3. Real Estate
    I've recently read a story about a couple who paid off their principal mortgage in 3 years. "How we paid off our house in three years" I know this story is rather extreme, but what is your...
1-3 of 3 Results