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  1. new member, keen on sharing information regarding investment and deals found

    New Member Introductions
    always looking for a way to save, will share information with fellow members, appreciating this interesting opportunity as a platform to share and show how we can can care as fellow Canadians. Mining student so I might have a lot to say about traditional mining(not data mining, not bitcoin...
  2. New Caroilin Gold - LAD.V

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    New Carolin Gold is a Canadian-based junior company focused on the exploration, evaluation and development of our 100% owned property consisting of 144 square kilometers of contiguous mineral claims and crown grants, collectively known as the "Ladner Gold Project" (Project). The Project is...
  3. Maya Gold and Silver inc. (MYA.V)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Stumbled upon this microcap, an operating stage silver and gold mining junior from Blainville, QC. Their balance sheet seemed awful at first, but they're just out of their exploration phase and entered exploitation last year, began pouring and selling nice quantities of silver. They should start...
  4. Diamond stock

    Hi guys, What do you think of Diamond mine in Quebec, world class division... I bought about 1.5k shares last week and I'm thinking to reinvest... I'm working in the engineering field and some of my colleagues were telling me that this mine is a serious one. Construction is going...