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  1. How do I balance Target 2030, Canadian Index Fund, and pure cash within my RESP?

    Hello Money Folks, I have created 3 wings of investments within my RBC RESP account. I am spreading my monthly contributions as follows: [plain cash] RBC Savings Deposit: $40 [mutual fund] RBC Target 2030 Fund: $80 [index fund] RBC Canadian Index Fund: $80 I know there are multiple strategies...
  2. Is my RESP at RBC being drained by high MER?

    I am pulling my hair for having been so naive and complacent about the growth in my RESP I opened 2 years ago at RBC. I opened that account for my daughter without much research. It is not a self-directed account. A manager controls it, who is always mysterious. Never communicated with her in...
  3. Canada = highest mutual fund expense ratios in the world?

    Just reading a Morningstar report - page 22 quote: "Canada fails for Fees and Expenses. Among the 22 countries in this survey, Canada has the highest annual expense ratios for equity funds, the third highest for bond funds, and tied for the highest for money-market funds. These costs cannot be...
  4. TD eSeries (Fees on USD Conversion vs Higher MERs on Hedged Funds)

    UPDATE - I searched a bit more in the forums and found more info on the differences between the various TD eSeries funds I'm looking at. Sorry for the duplication. However, if anyone has any further commentary on hedged funds vs non-hedged, I'm all ears. Thanks! ==============================...
  5. MER comparison of a simlar BMO and TD funds

    Here are MERs that I found for similar funds at BMO and TD: BMO U.S. Equity Fund 2.39 TD U.S. Index 0.53% (investor series) TD U.S. Index 0.33% (e-series) I think that the TD e-series fund has lower MER because you can't call in to make changes because you've got to do it all online. Is this...