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  1. Deals and Freebies
    Hey everyone, To all the hockey fans -- Metro and Loblaws are doing a sweet contest w/ Visa. If you buy a $100+ Visa Prepaid Gift Card, you can be entered to win 6 tickets to the World Cup of Hockey AND get a $1000 Visa Prepaid Gift Card. Pretty sweet deal if you're looking to buy someone a...
  2. Deals and Freebies
    Check out this new deal. Loblaws stores (all Loblaws including T&T, Superstore, No Frills) have Esso $50 GC for 5% off. Just picked up a couple at my local T&T store. Go get em! The offer is from today (the 17th) till the 30th. Happy Shopping :)
  3. Individual Stocks/Equities
    According to Google finance, the P/E ration for Loblaw is 575.15 as of today. I don't understand why this stock is has climbed so much over the last year (> 50%). Their net profit margin was 2.16% last quarter. Is this high valuation because they're sacrificing profits in an attempt to...
1-3 of 4 Results