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  1. Retirement
    Hi, I'm trying to figure out whether leveraged-ETFs and/or inverse leveraged ETFs are qualified (allowable) investments in an RRSP. I've been reviewing the CRA documentation on this, and it seems like they are allowed, since they are listed securities. However, since they are derivatives (or...
  2. Investing
    I was recommended by my banker to 'Prometheus Private Advisory Group' in Vancouver.. I met the advisor and decided to sign up for a $200,000 Manulife leveraged fund back in July. I pay the $750 interest monthly. So far its only been over 200k once and now is valued at $195k. I am supposed to...
  3. Taxation
    Scenario: Let's say on January 1, 2010, I borrowed from a line of credit $8,000 and invested in 800 shares of a stock at $10/share. Since that time, a deduction was claimed on the interest payments associated with the revolving balance of the LOC. The LOC of credit was used to fund other...
1-3 of 3 Results