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  1. Using Leverage to Increase Investments

    Hello all! First I will give a little bit of background: I work in the medical industry which makes my job an essential service which is extremely busy and secure during this pandemic. My spouse is in airspace so her career could be at a higher risk during this time. I am ~40 years old with...
  2. Leveraged investing - taxation question

    I took out a HELOC to invest in stocks that pay dividends. I took $30,000 and invested in 3 different stocks. I finally sold one of them and I have capital gains of $450. I want to buy another stock now. Do I have to invest the $10,450 to have the interest from my 30k loan be entirely tax...
  3. Calculating 100%+ Annualized Losses with Leverage

    Hey everybody, I have not had the pleasure of compounding a 100% loss with leverage, but I am putting together a demonstration on the perils of leverage for an evening class that I teach on index investing. I realized when trying to calculate annualized returns for a 110% loss (due to...
  4. Is Interest on Loans Deposited to TFSA Tax Deductible?

    If I borrow say 5000 at 3% and deposit the money into a TFSA for investment purposes, will I be able to write off the interest payed on the principle? My understanding is that this works with margin brokerage accounts. Also do you have any advice on how (what kind of paperwork) to keep track...
  5. Contemplating leveraged investment

    Hi There, I have the opportunity to borrow $50k at prime divided by 2 with payments as low as interest only. My plan is to leverage these funds to invest in income genrating stocks/trust units and use the monthly income to payback borrowed money. We are comfortable with the risks...
  6. Excellent Leveraged Metals Program