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  1. Are Peer Lenders In Canada Safe?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I read an article about "peer-to-peer" lenders in Canada. It looks like there are currently 3 brokers in the space: Grouplend, CommunityLend, and Borrowell. Is this industry safe for me to borrow money? I've heard about LendingClub in the US, but am weary of what looks to be an unregulated...
  2. Mortage: TD vs B Lender (First National Financial)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    For a closed 5 year fixed term mortgage of $260,000 on a $500,000 property in Regina SK: Should I go with TD or First National Financial? First National has offered a 2.69% rate, TD says their rate is 2.79% but may be able to match the 2.69%. So who should I go with, assuming the interest...