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  1. Real Estate
    Recently purchased a vacant lot in a small town. The lot was originally located in smaller township that was dissolved to a larger town through annexation in the late 90s. The road to the lot was created through an private easement back in the 80s. Since annexation the municipality that took...
  2. Real Estate
    Hey serial investors Happy bank holiday weekend! So I am an independent consultant and after risking the security of not having a ‘full-time’ job despite having a single income family and working really hard over the last few years, I was lucky to save some money that I would like to invest in...
  3. Real Estate
    Does any one have any background in farm land as an investment? From the little research I have done it seems to be worth looking into. I am focusing on vacant land, meaning no buildings like a house, barn, or storage shed. I am also focused on farmable landland, meaning less than 10% is bush...
1-3 of 5 Results