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  1. Financial Intermediary

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I would be interested to discuss with individuals, companies involved in Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Construction Projects Owners
  2. Seeking Advice on Alternatives

    As part of my move away from stocks and bonds this year, I am reviewing several "alternative" investments. These include investing in real estate (outside of REITs), shipping container investments (with a company called Davenport Laroche), and private equity. Does anyone have experience with...
  3. New Caroilin Gold - LAD.V

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    New Carolin Gold is a Canadian-based junior company focused on the exploration, evaluation and development of our 100% owned property consisting of 144 square kilometers of contiguous mineral claims and crown grants, collectively known as the "Ladner Gold Project" (Project). The Project is...
  4. Discussion on Budget 2013

    I caught some of the budget info. It sounds like all non-registered investments will be taxed as income now. I wasn't fully paying attention though, so may have misunderstood. Is this the end of strategically placing investments in registered vs. non-registered accounts ?
  5. How a normal person can invest like Warren Buffett

    The Warren Buffet principles for investing can be incorporated into a normal person’s investment portfolio by simply following the principles adopted by investment mastermind. A normal person can invest like Warren Buffet by adopting the following financial guidelines: Spend less: A normal...
  6. Maintaining stock portfolio back in the US....or not?

    Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen who worked in California for 10 years using TN visas all along. I'm NOT a US citizen and I'm NOT a green card holder. I recently came back to Canada and I'm in the process of establishing residency in Montréal. I already know it's best to leave my 401K in...
  7. Tax deductions for investment purposes

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and I've been researching what types of borrowing to use in investments, and if the loan interests can be tax deductible? Here's one example, I have a Home Credit Line of about $200K, with $150K of mortgage and about $50K of available credit. I want to take out...
  8. Help wanted with a new ETF portfolio...

    Newbie investor, 57, mortgage paid, 250K equity in investment real estate, 300K RRSP, 15K in a GIC TFSA and 60K in cash. I am creating a new portfolio and would appreciate any help you could provide in the way of comments, ideas and suggestions on the following 300K ETF RRSP I created based on...
  9. Investing in USA Business. Corp structure and Tax issues both sides?

    I am looking at a Motel investment in NY or MI... with a US based partner. Anyone has any advice on how to structure my set up in USA with an eye on taxation both sides and repatriation of funds. Done extensive research and find it very complicated, any suggestions that will help me to wrap my...
  10. Long-Term Tax Strategy

    I've been thinking about the long-term tax impact of the fiscal response of western govts to the credit crunch. Since most western govts have very large fiscal deficits to help fight the recession, I'm concerned that they'll be looking for new sources of tax revenue in the coming years. I expect...