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  1. Investing
    Is it advisable to avoid holding more than $1 million dollars in a single investment account given that CIPF only insures accounts up to $1 million? To ensure all funds are protected, is it wise to spread investments > $1 million across multiple accounts? (And if so, can these accounts be with...
  2. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi all - Wonder if anyone has experience investing in vineyards and/or wineries. I know I know, there are many wiser investments one could make. But should preface this with -- I LOVE WINE. I collect. It's a passion. That said, I don't want to be completely irresponsible with my money...
  3. Investing
    Warning: Unseasoned Investor Alert :-) I have funds I want to "plant" in my RRSP for the next 20+ years, which won't be needed until then. Am I too adventurous to plant them in index funds such as SPY/QQQ/VT?
  4. Investing
    Hi all -- I want to start by saying I love this forum and I love the impartial advice that its members offer. In a nutshell, I sold a rental property and did quite well. I'm wondering if I should invest the proceeds or pay off our primary mortgage (or a combination of both). Here are my...
  5. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Just wondering if anyone has experience with The Arora Report or other trading services, and what your opinion is? Do you think it is suitable for a less experienced trader/investor?...
  6. Investing
    Hello as my title says, what questions do you ask yourself when selecting funds? While age and money position per individual matters, there must be universal questions you ask yourself. What are they?
  7. Investing
    Hello Everyone, I heard that someone who never invested in a TFSA is not constrained by the usual yearly limit and that he/she could open a TFSA and invest something like $50000 or a little more. I am trying to see if that opportunity is applicable in my case. I have been a permanent resident...
  8. Taxation
    Hi all, I need some help figuring out my RRSP contribution limit for my 2016 tax return. Is the following correct? I have a NOA for 2014 tax year for RRSP contribution limit of A I filed 2015 recently ( I know why NOT to file late!) - do I add ).18 of the net income for 2015 - assume...
  9. Investing
    As part of my move away from stocks and bonds this year, I am reviewing several "alternative" investments. These include investing in real estate (outside of REITs), shipping container investments (with a company called Davenport Laroche), and private equity. Does anyone have experience with...
  10. Investing
    I invested in Shopify stocks last year and got a really high cut. I am just wondering what are the best stocks to invest this year?
  11. Real Estate
    Well maintained, large detached two-storey investment property built on a .28 acre lot of land. Each floor has an independent spacious apartment with modern furnishings, 2 double bedrooms (with A/C) and 2 bathrooms open plan lounge, kitchen, dining. Screened verandas and cooling sea breezes...
1-11 of 31 Results