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  1. What Questions do you ask yourself when Selecting Funds

    Hello as my title says, what questions do you ask yourself when selecting funds? While age and money position per individual matters, there must be universal questions you ask yourself. What are they?
  2. Am I eligible to go beyond the yearly limit of contributions into a TFSA?

    Hello Everyone, I heard that someone who never invested in a TFSA is not constrained by the usual yearly limit and that he/she could open a TFSA and invest something like $50000 or a little more. I am trying to see if that opportunity is applicable in my case. I have been a permanent resident...
  3. Need help calculating RRSP Contribution limit

    Hi all, I need some help figuring out my RRSP contribution limit for my 2016 tax return. Is the following correct? I have a NOA for 2014 tax year for RRSP contribution limit of A I filed 2015 recently ( I know why NOT to file late!) - do I add ).18 of the net income for 2015 - assume...
  4. Seeking Advice on Alternatives

    As part of my move away from stocks and bonds this year, I am reviewing several "alternative" investments. These include investing in real estate (outside of REITs), shipping container investments (with a company called Davenport Laroche), and private equity. Does anyone have experience with...
  5. What are the best stocks to invest in 2017?

    I invested in Shopify stocks last year and got a really high cut. I am just wondering what are the best stocks to invest this year?
  6. Investment property for sale – Nevis (st.kitts & nevis) - west indies

    Real Estate
    Well maintained, large detached two-storey investment property built on a .28 acre lot of land. Each floor has an independent spacious apartment with modern furnishings, 2 double bedrooms (with A/C) and 2 bathrooms open plan lounge, kitchen, dining. Screened verandas and cooling sea breezes...
  7. Commercial Condo Property Investment Opportunity

    Real Estate
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for an investor (or investors) who may be interested in purchasing commercial condo units located in Toronto at Yonge and Sheppard in a new, premium building. The opportunity is worth about $5M and has a great growth potential. If you would like to learn more, please...
  8. Want to invest on your own but not sure how...

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone, I just want to get some feedback regarding investing on your own. I invest on my own and I love doing it. I want to teach others how to. But it seems like there is this brick wall preventing people. I just want to get some of your insight as to what you think are the...
  9. Utilizing your strengths when making changes

    General Personal Finance Talk
    This is a great business article. "When a company sets a new course, its greatest priorities should be a long-term strategic plan and total commitment to the new direction, said Patrick Latour, senior vice-president of financing and consulting for the Business Development of Canada in the...
  10. 20 Yr Old With 12,000$ Willing to Invest!?

    hi, i am 20 yr old student, that has 12 000$ a side. with no intent of future spending. just wanted some advice on what i should be investing in. GIC's really haven't seemed to please me, with short lived returns. are there any types of mutual funds that have more potential. or any other types...
  11. Have I taken on too much debt for my age?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hey everyone, Three years ago, I was 18, single, no debt. Now I am 21, married, 2 kids, with a LOT of debt. I live in the Greater Victoria Area (where home prices are quite high). My wife and I make about $6000 per month net (for now - which includes an $1100/month income suite), but I am...
  12. Buying a small apartment block

    Real Estate
    I'm not seriously considering this, but I am giving it a bit of thought yet I have no clue where to start looking nor what to consider yet. Has anyone here purchased a small apartment block as an income investment? My thoughts are perhaps a small building in a smaller university town/city such...
  13. Portfolio Remap - what to buy now

    Have been reading this thread for a while. Want to create a portfolio of ETFs (Cdn equity, US equity, Europe, Emerging, Bond, REIT) and some dividend paying stocks. Sitting in majority cash right now but feel like i need to do something. I have read on this forum about "lump sum buying" vs...
  14. Advice on new portfolio

    In the process of building a new portfolio of reasonable size. Have been reading multiple forums. Targeting 10-12 years to retirement. Thought about my risk tolerence etc. Have been largely on sidelines with cash. Cdn Equity 23% (XIC + XIU + XCS + select stocks) US Equity 22% (VTI + VB...
  15. Ideas on non-market correlated asset class

    There are many conversations about investing in the publicly traded markets. (eg. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc) In this thread, let me start a discussion on the investing instruments and/or asset classes that are NOT correlated (or minimally correlated) to the generally known stock and...