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  1. I didn't say scientist lol

    New Member Introductions
    Hey people, so this is my first post here. For those of you wondering whether I'm a rocket scientist due to my username, let me clear the waters, I'm not. I'm your average Joe, interested in investing, but not in investing in banking institutions, but in a variety of startup businesses instead...
  2. Retail Investment options for an immigrant on work visa

    Hello Friends, I would be in Canada from next week to next 11 months, I'm looking for good retail investment options in Canada, what are the short term and mid-term options in Canada. I would be interested in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Government Schemes [saving account] or other options I don't...
  3. C$ 500,000 investment in Winnipeg

    Hi All! I have applied for Canadian immigration few months back and expecting to get an answer shortly, hopefully a positive one :) When I arrive in Canada, I plan to bring with me C$ 500,000. so I have few questions here, hoping that you guys can help answering them... 1- What's the best way...
  4. Seeking Advice on Alternatives

    As part of my move away from stocks and bonds this year, I am reviewing several "alternative" investments. These include investing in real estate (outside of REITs), shipping container investments (with a company called Davenport Laroche), and private equity. Does anyone have experience with...
  5. Using investment property equity for retirement income?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello, Quick question for anyone willing to take a look... Let's say Im retired, I have investment savings and a rental property. Can I use the equity in my investment property to draw as retirement monthly income? Let's say I put a HELOC on it - Is the tax deductible in this case? Thanks, G
  6. Where to invest my money? Am i taking the best route

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am looking for some advice on where i should be putting my money and if there is some things i could be doing beter I am 28. I havent bought my first home yet , probably will make this purchase next year. My expected home purchase is in the $170 000 - 180 000 range i believe. here is how...
  7. Corner Lot value appreciation

    Real Estate
    I've been receiving mixed views regarding this, but I thought I would post here to see what people have to say. My main Question is: Do corner lots appreciate at the same rate as other houses. I know the price of the corner lot(assuming traffic) will be less than normal houses, but will they...
  8. How to buy 3rd investment property?

    Real Estate
    Hi, I'm 23 years old and moved just outside of Winnipeg to help my family with a farm they purchased two years ago. I plan on living there for a while. When I moved, I rented out my house, and I purchased another rental property a few months ago. Details are as follows: 1st house: Amount owing...
  9. How to Succeed in a Sideways Market

    After having doubts that now may not be a good time to start the Couch Potato portfolio, I found this article very informative: How to Succeed in a Sideways Market. I have even more questions now, but will do some googling first. In the meantime, would love to hear the success stories from the...