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  1. Investing through volatile times

    In times of extreme market volatility, staying calm and thinking long-term are sensible decisions that investors can make to use time to their advantage.This current market situation is not new to us. We’ve been through other crises before and there are lessons that investors can learn and apply...
  2. What's your favourite Dividend Stock, and why?

    Hello all, I'm in the process of planning out a long-term dividend portfolio and was hoping to gain some insight from your combined experiences in this realm. The intention of this post isn't to garner specific stock picks which I can copy, I very much plan to do my own research, but I am more...
  3. Newbie TFSA investor

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone! Im a little late to the investing game but my wife and I have started to save a very small amount every month in a TD TFSA account. We have a tonne of contribution room in both our TFSAs and RRSPs. We currently have just under $900 in the account and I haven't invested the...
  4. Is there a Canadian equivalent of TQQQ (Nasdaq-100 3X Bull)?

    I know there's a Canadian equivalent of QLD (Nasdaq-100 2X Bull): HQU But is there one for TQQQ as well or any that are very similar?
  5. Highest-yielding ETF?

    Out of QQQ, FDN, PNQI and VTG which of these is the best ETF to hold for the next 10-20+ years and why?
  6. Why does QQQ outperform ZQQ and XQQ?

    Anyone know why QQQ (Nasdaq-100 US ETF) outperforms its Canadian equivalents ZQQ and XQQ? - In the last 5 years QQQ has increased by 94.92% while ZQQ and XQQ both increased by only 87.36% Whatever the reasons, is it a better deal to invest in QQQ and pay the currency conversion fee every time...
  7. Margin account interest for combination dividend and non-dividend shares

    I do have a margin account and based on the money I borrowed I am paying interest. Some of the shares that I am holding are paying dividends every quarter and some do not. During a year some of shares dispositioned (maybe even before paying dividends) but I have always received dividends...
  8. Been one year in Canada, Age 18, $2500/m

    Money Diaries
    Hey there, I'm 19 years old and have been in Canada for just over a year now. I have two sources of income as of now. 1. Video editing. (Part time) 2. Working as a cook. (full time) Right now I don't have any rent or other big expenses so I pretty much save most of it. Eventually I'm gonna be...
  9. WealthBar specializes in Retirement Income Planning. Get $10,000 managed FREE!

    Vendor Deals
    WealthBar is Canada's only robo-advisor specializing in retirement income planning. Low cost investing. Advice you can trust. Open an account and get: Access to higher quality investments previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. These higher return, lower volatility portfolios have...
  10. CPP: Sooner, or Later?

    One question that often comes up about CPP benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so I wanted to do a thorough analysis myself. Now, before I...
  11. Moving from Funds to Stocks

    Hi there, this is my first post in the community but I've been reading many threads for a while. A little about me, I'm 29, professional career, only debt is mortgage. I'm looking for advise on making the move from my all-mutual fund portfolio at a large bank to opening a discount broker account...
  12. Anyone has tried lease options?

    Real Estate
    Hello!! In real estate we know that there are a lot of strategies, some gurus say one is the best in the world and others say other strategy is better and we don´t really know which one to start doing first. Some people say Lease option agreements are the best way to start investing in real...
  13. Awesome Warren Buffett and his investing rules/strategies.

    Hey guys!!! I´ve always been a fan of Warren Buffett´s strategies, thoughts, rules about investing and money. It is interesting for me to discuss with you guys about some of the strategies that he applies which are totally different to what people generally believe. The fact is: his...
  14. Frugality: Friend or foe?

    Hi everyone!! I was speaking about this topic this morning and from my point of view we have to be very careful with frugality in our lives as it can be either helpful and can be also harmful. It can be our friend or become our foe too. One simple example: My sister, she is in a comfort zone...
  15. Mutual funds vs Index funds.

    Hi everyone!! Reading a little bit about stocks and personal finance I found some important information that can be useful for beginners that want to start investing. Many people want to make some extra income aside their job so they want to start investing in stocks, but most people don´t...
  16. How should I prioritize my investments?

    This is my first post, so please be easy on me :smile: I'm 40 yrs old novice investor, looking to build a simple portfolio of 2-3 etfs, my financials are as follows: - I have $300K in personal savings - I have $150K deferred income in my corporation (50/50 USD and CAD) - I own $130K of my...
  17. Smith Menoeuvre - Can I implement in my sutation

    Real Estate
    Hi there, this is my first post but I've been following Canadian money forum from some time and it is very informative. My current situation is I have bought a new house and want to make it my principal residence and turn my old house into rental. I should have positioned myself batter but...
  18. Seeking Advice on Alternatives

    As part of my move away from stocks and bonds this year, I am reviewing several "alternative" investments. These include investing in real estate (outside of REITs), shipping container investments (with a company called Davenport Laroche), and private equity. Does anyone have experience with...
  19. Index Investing

    I am pretty new to investing, so I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me better regarding index investing. If indexes don't pay dividends or earn interest, where does the growth come from? I mean besides regular contributions. I feel like I'm missing something simple here...
  20. My complicated situatin, need advise

    I'm 58, married, 11 yeras old autistic son, 23 y.o. daughter. I am employed with almost an empty ( 5K) RRSP. I have unused contribution of about 50K. My wife, 50 years old, software developer has RRSP of about 100K and unused contribution of about 80K. No TFSA. We have a house of about 800K with...