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  1. I didn't say scientist lol

    New Member Introductions
    Hey people, so this is my first post here. For those of you wondering whether I'm a rocket scientist due to my username, let me clear the waters, I'm not. I'm your average Joe, interested in investing, but not in investing in banking institutions, but in a variety of startup businesses instead...
  2. Been one year in Canada, Age 18, $2500/m

    Money Diaries
    Hey there, I'm 19 years old and have been in Canada for just over a year now. I have two sources of income as of now. 1. Video editing. (Part time) 2. Working as a cook. (full time) Right now I don't have any rent or other big expenses so I pretty much save most of it. Eventually I'm gonna be...
  3. How do I invest with-in my TFSA?

    Hi everyone, First time posting here in the forum. I am new to investing and just have my money sitting in a TFSA within Meridian Credit Union. I am wondering how I go about investing within my TFSA? Do I need to sign up with a brokerage such as Questrade online? Or can I pick ETF's, etc...
  4. How do you track and consolidate your portfolio online?

    Hi all ! We’ve seen a few posts here on the Forum of people looking to track and consolidate their investment portfolio online. It’s a real pain to keep track of all the fees, expenses and the performance of your account, especially when you have accounts with multiple financial institutions...
  5. What are the best stocks to invest in 2017?

    I invested in Shopify stocks last year and got a really high cut. I am just wondering what are the best stocks to invest this year?
  6. Buying and Selling Gold Bars?

    What are your thoughts on the buying and selling of physical gold bars? I understand that buying them is relatively easy especially with dozens of online retailers like JM Bullion and who knows who else? But if you wanted to sell them back for a decent price how would you go about doing that and...
  7. $50 signup bonus for a ModernAdvisor managed investment account

    Managing your own investments can be exciting and rewarding - we get that. But if life gets busy and you decide to look for a hassle-free and low-cost way to manage part or all of your portfolio, ModernAdvisor could be a great choice. At ModernAdvisor, we combine smart technology with expertise...
  8. $50 signup bonus for a ModernAdvisor managed investment account

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Mutual funds in Canada are the most expensive in the developed world. In fact, high mutual fund fees are forcing many Canadians to retire many years later than they would like. At ModernAdvisor, we combine smart technology with expertise from investment professionals to build and manage...
  9. Mortgage paydown or invest

    General Personal Finance Talk
    With interest rates in Canada being near all time lows should I try to pay down my mortgage as fast as possible, or pay it off slower and invest the difference? My mortgage is up in July. The current lowest rate I can find is: 2.15% variable, 5 year term, 20% prepayment. My mortgage in July...